Getting Started on a Posture Fitness Program

Humans have an amazing capacity to find excuses for their actions and to rationalize even the most outrageous behavior (and that doesn't apply just to teenagers). When asked if they exercise regularly, many people reply: "I walk plenty at work," or "I don't have a membership to a gym," or "I just hate exercising." It is not uncommon for a person to overestimate the amount of physical activity accomplished during their everyday chores, thus justifying the lack of a separate fitness routine. Some of us incorrectly believe that cookie crumbs have no calories; others trust that walking down the hall "a hundred times a day" really does qualify as a workout.

Don't feel guilty if you don't enjoy exercising; I know very few people who actually do. Even avid exercisers like myself will tell you that they dread getting started on their daily fitness program, but this initial reluctance gradually decreases after the first few minutes of exercise. Afterwards, at the end of an exercise routine, most people will feel energized, accomplished, alert, and happier.

This book is divided into sections according to the muscle groups, exercise modalities, and equipment utilized. The last chapter carries a compilation of several different routines, mixing and matching various exercises to suit specific fitness goals for people of different physical capacities, age and general status. Utilize it as basic guide, and use your own creativity to design a program that works for you.

While there is no such a thing as a fitness routine that will make a person taller, the proper contraction and relaxation of specific muscle groups in a regimented fitness program permits the spine to stretch and allows us to reach our maximum height.

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Going to the Gym Versus Home Exercises

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