Exercise is an Investment

In a world of uncertainty, there are few things that have as predictable a pay-off, as reliable an outcome, as a fitness program. The vast majority of people who enroll in an exercise routine will eventually obtain appreciable physical and mental benefits from it. Despite the obvious gains in health and improved quality of life, many of us choose to take better care of our "stuff" than our own bodies. From polishing the silverware to changing the oil in the car, we devote a substantial amount of time to less important items than our own health, assuming that somehow our bodies will take care of themselves.

That's not so, and I remind the reader about the needless hours people must wait at doctor's offices, and the many diseases which could be improved or prevented by maintaining an exercise program. The benefits from exercising include: blood pressure reduction, weight loss, depression relief, diabetes prevention, and osteoporosis avoidance, just to cite a few. The resources you spend exercising will later be recouped, with interest, in potential time and money that would otherwise be wasted with lost work, doctors appointments, and painful procedures.

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Exercise is an Investment

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